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Acres Land Trust




Our mission is to protect local land.

In support of our mission, ACRES:

  • acquires and owns land: working land, forests, wetlands, native grasslands, unique geologic formations and habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species.
  • manages land with a priority on protecting natural resources and minimizing human impact.
  • actively manages non-native invasive plants to re-establish or establish our native plants.
  • promotes the knowledge and appreciation of natural areas as living systems to which you belong.
  • educates communities about the importance of natural areas and their preservation.
  • encourages preserve use, provides trails, and offers guides on natural areas’ trail systems.
  • develops scientific, educational and public recreation use of natural areas.
  • strategically collaborates with and encourages other organizations and individuals to partner in and promote our mission.
  • celebrates the success of our members in protecting our local places.


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