910 Aggies



The purpose of 910 Aggies is to unite students from the 910 area and provide them with a sense of community and family on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University. This organization seeks to uplift and empower its members in three ways: 

  • Creating an atmosphere that supports the transition, adjustment, and navigation of collegiate life from the 910 area. 
  • Ensure that each member is cultivating proper leadership abilities and qualities
  • Assist with developing members professionally and preparing them for post-collegiate life
Contact Information: 
Email: 9dimeaggies@gmail.com 
Phone: (910)-587-5125

Trinity McNeil
Miss 910 Aggies (Community Service Chair 2021-2022)
Email: tjmcneil1@aggies.ncat.edu
Nyheim Beatty
Mister 910 Aggies (Community Service Chair 2021-2022)
Email: njbeatty@aggies.ncat.edu 
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