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    Whitley County Farm Wagon (Crossroads Bank)

    Amazing community of people, everyone was very nice, on task, and oranized! It was an absolute pleasure helping out!

    Gave 1.25 hours on 05/04/2022 with University of Saint Francis, THE FRANCISCAN TRADITION (105) - Section 09
    Helping Hands Food Distribution (Outdoor event)

    Everyone was very eager to help others, and everyone's duties were very clear! No one slacked off, and all of the members were friendly and quick. The atmosphere was great, despite the rainy day! Also, the free candy was nice. Loved helping out here!

    Gave 3.15 hours on 04/30/2022 with THE FRANCISCAN TRADITION (105) - Section 09
    Downtown Fort Wayne Farm Wagon (St. Peter's Catholic Church)

    Everyone was very nice and actively trying to help those in need. A very positive environment that I'd like to be part of again! Very well organized. Everyone had something to do for someone else at all times.

    Gave 1.25 hours on 10/08/2021 with ENGAGE (100) - Section 02
    Tillman Road Volunteer Crew (Morning)

    Most of the employers were very considerate and nice, and there was a constant work flow that kept everyone consistently busy. I think the only drawback to this job was the supervision of the volunteers- I found many of my peers slacking off and taking overly long breaks in the bathroom, but their behavior is not of fault of the employer. I just feel as though there should have been a bit more of an authorial prescience in the workplace. Other than that, everything was great and everyone was very nice. I really liked volunteering and look forward to more work.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 10/01/2021 with ENGAGE (100) - Section 02